Global Blue Tech Supports Your Growing and Evolving Business by Providing the Latest in Disruptive Technology

Just as the personal computer displaced the typewriter and the cell phone disrupted the telecom industry, Global Blue Tech’s cutting-edge technology solutions will make you re-think everything you knew about data management and storage. With more than 18 years of experience in the technology and data management industry, we understand the importance of streamlining processes, possessing reliable data at your fingertip, and building customer confidence. We are client-focused, experienced technology professionals who help our clients fulfill their strategic data storage and management requirements.

Global Blue Tech has established solid, strategic partnerships with some of the most innovative storage and data management companies in the world. From providing storage that manages itself to cloud data management that delivers automated backup, instant recovery, and data archival, Global Blue Tech is poised and ready to tackle all your data and storage management needs.

Our technology partners are working tirelessly to offer fresh approaches to old problems. As their partner, we’re equipped to deliver simple solutions that meet our customers’ most challenging data management requirements.

We Empower our Customers’ by Providing the Resources They Need to Successfully Operate Their Businesses

At Global Blue Tech, we are committed to our customers’ success. We believe Legacy software is a thing of the past and the disruptive technology available in the storage and data management industry is positioned to impact the global market.  Our industry partners never settle and continue to develop and improve products, exceeding all expectations.

And We’re Green Too!

Protecting our resources and delivering energy efficient products is important to us. Our products provide exponential power savings, reduce needed floor space, require less cooling, and are easy to use. This means you’re not only saving money and space, you’re improving productivity and reducing your total cost of ownership.