Providing Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions that Help Your
Business Grow and Thrive

Global Blue Tech offers a wide range of products and solutions based on our customers’ unique data management, storage, security, and technology needs. While some companies have been creating life-changing technology products for a number of years, others are just entering the scene with some of the most cutting-edge technology available today. We’ve strategically partnered with innovative, tech-savvy companies to deliver these products and solutions directly to our customers.

Each of our partners develop products that deliver reliable, easy-to-use, efficient technology that will not only save you time, but also save you money. We’ve aligned ourselves with these partners so we can deliver the latest, cutting-edge products that will help your business thrive and succeed. We understand our customers have specific technology needs. We can customize our solutions and products to meet and exceed those needs. Below are some of the technology solutions we offer.

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Authentic SaaS for Enterprise Backup

Eliminate hardware and software with 100% SaaS. Securely and reliably protect your workloads, on-prem and in the cloud.

Innovate with the Modern Data Experience

Pure helps you use more of your data, while reducing the complexity and expense of managing the infrastructure behind it.

Smart Storage for Cloud IT

We’ve partnered with Rubrik to bring you products that simplify how your business keeps and uses data. From instant search capabilities, effortless backup, and lightning speed recovery, you’ll be surprised you survived without this remarkable software. It meets your most challenging data management needs, offering a creative and innovative approach to data management.

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Simple Software and Fast Recoveries

Through our partnership with Pure Storage, we can deliver all-flash enterprise storage. This storage is virtually effortless and extremely efficient. When you incorporate this storage product into your business operations, you will have a solution that’s always on, can self-manage, needs no disruptive upgrades, and offers zero compromise. Smart Storage, available from Pure Storage, grows with you and gets better with age. We love working with this company because their disruptive technology is literally changing the way the world does business. Check out more here.

solutions Simple Software Fast Recoveries

Next-Generation Security from Anywhere

Maintaining trust and confidence in your company’s cybersecurity is the goal of Palo Alto Networks. When your company utilizes their Next-Generation Security Platform, you can move forward with a digital-first strategy and confidently tackle new technology initiatives, including cloud and mobility. You can focus on growing your business instead of the security of your systems. We provide all of Palo Alto Networks’ products to you so you can maintain complete visibility and control throughout your company, protecting your valuable data assets and systems.

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Redefining your Data Center Experience

Imagine building a cloud environment on existing infrastructure – in minutes! That’s what our partner, Stratoscale does every day. Enterprise IT, development teams, and service providers utilize this cloud infrastructure company for their cloud infrastructure software solutions. As one of our valued partners, we work with Stratoscale to deliver out-of-the-box, cloud data center software that’s fast, easy to use, and a serious technology game-changer.

solutions Data Center Experience