As a woman-owned, certified Pure Storage reseller, Global Blue Tech is thrilled to offer our customers next-level smart storage for Cloud IT

This partnership with Pure Storage means our customers are not only receiving cutting-edge technology solutions, they are staying up-to-date on all the newest and innovative cloud technologies.

Let Smart Storage Grow with Your Company

Global Blue Tech has partnered with Pure Storage to deliver all-flash enterprise storage. This means your storage system is always on, can self-manage, and needs no disruptive upgrades. This effortless and efficient storage system grows as your company grows and gets better with age.

Timeless Simplicity

For many years, traditional IT departments managed data in a local data center. But, as technology advances, there’s a significant need to expand the tools beyond the data center and into the cloud. For 10 years, Pure Storage has been helping companies remove complexity and make storage simple.

Global Blue Tech has partnered with Pure Storage to bring our customers Pure1®, a predictive, proactive, AI-driven platform with a simple SaaS based management toolset. This platform was designed to simplify the management of data estate and provide consistency across our customers’ portfolios.

The Next Level of Storage Optimization

In our multi-cloud era, Global Blue Tech and Pure Storage are prepared for next level storage optimization. Although AI and machine learning are critical enablers, they only augment human abilities. We are helping our customers extend and optimize their applications, infrastructure, and data in a hybrid world.

As technology advances, a new set of management tools will be required to collect, aggregate, and analyze metrics for workloads and data whether on site or in a cloud. These management tools cannot be compromised. The AI engine also needs to thrive and grow as data grows and deliver relevant insights to infrastructure architects.

Why Choose Pure Storage Pure1®?

With so many choices on where to deploy our applications, choosing the right application for your storage can be complex and intimidating. Global Blue Tech and Pure Storage believe companies who understand their customer’s needs will have a major advantage. That’s why Pure Storage analyzes over a trillion data points per day across 15,000 systems. In addition to this insight, Pure Storage recently announced the new VM Analytics Pro and Workload Planner. These new programs will provide even greater insights as they look at specific workloads and make optimization recommendations. Pure Storage and Global Blue Tech believe optimization will drive the next level of efficiency. By optimizing infrastructure costs, companies will have greater agility and increased investment.

The Global Blue Tech Experience

At Global Blue Tech, we only partner with companies that align with our mission – to deliver the latest cutting-edge technology that’s reliable, efficient, and saves you time and money. We work with our customers to deliver customizable solutions to all their technology needs. The cloud journey is only beginning and we’re excited about continuing our relationship with Pure Storage as they seek to optimize infrastructure costs and allow for greater agility and increased investment.

As technology and needs change, we work with our customers to keep them informed and supplied with the latest, top-of-the-line products. We love partnering with innovative and cutting-edge companies like Pure Storage because their disruptive technology is literally changing the way the world does business.