Double Bonus Spin – A New Roulette Variation

Online roulette is a well-known casino game. A new version of the game, Double Bonus Spin, gives a new twist on this classic with a bonus yellow slot that can boost your chances of winning!

If you are claiming an online casino bonus Be sure to read the Ts and Cs to find out what wagering requirements are attached. Typically the bonus has to be played several times before you are able to withdraw your winnings.

Double Bonus Spin

Double Bonus Spin is a brand-new roulette variant by IGT that comes with the same bets offered in regular games. It adds to the wheel a yellow pocket that is 1.5 times bigger than other pockets, giving you two chances to bet when the ball is in the pocket.

Players can place their chips on the main betting board or on the smaller one which allows them to choose how many neighbouring numbers they admiral casino slots want to bet. After the player has placed their bet, they can press the green circular arrow button to start the game.

If the ball falls into the bonus pocket on an initial spin the bets will remain in place and the Double Bonus Spin will begin. The wheel will then expand to contain two concentric wheels, which have the same 39 pockets as the first one. The inner wheel will determine one winner, and the outer wheel will slow down and determine another winner.

Neighbour bets

Neighbour bets are a distinct kind of roulette bets which allow players to cover a five-number area of the wheel, without having to put individual chips. They are a favourite of experienced players, and are simple to play. However, you must be aware that they fall into the category of ‘announced’ or ‘called’ bets, and that you must declare your bet to the Croupier.

You can place a section bet or neighbour bet without uttering a word in most roulette games online. However, it is important to always verify the rules of your casino and the minimum stakes you must wager before placing a section bet or neighbour bet. While the house edge doesn’t change when using this strategy, it’s an excellent option to cheer on specific parts of the wheel, and turn disappointing near misses into winnings. You can also try out the classic Voisins du Zero section bet that is a similar bet. It covers a part of the wheel that pays 17:1. This bet is only available on European roulette.

Bonus rounds

Simple and straightforward It gives players the chance to win huge. It’s basically European roulette but with an additional bonus space on the board. It’s still playing according to the rules of roulette and payouts, however there are also additional bet types like black or red dragons (a pattern of straight-up bets that swoop across the board and covers only the black and red numbers) and a multiplier space where you could win 500x your stake!

These games are sometimes found in the live casino section of bookmakers and include a real croupier who plays a real wheel to set the multiplier value. If you’re fortunate enough to fill the line of the bonus grid with your betting type, you’ll enter the bonus round. The multiplier amounts then apply to the payout table. Check the wagering requirement, as it can mean that only a portion of your bets count towards the bonus.


While roulette is a game of pure chance but there are specific strategies that can increase your chances of winning and walking home the winner. These strategies are based upon knowing how to wager and where you should place bets to limit losses and increase profits. In addition to the standard roulette rules there are many variations of the game that may increase your money.

Double Bonus Spin Roulette is one of the most well-known variations. It is a standard roulette wheel with standard 1-36 numbers plus two green zeros. However, it also features a yellow slot leon jogos that is one and a half times larger than the other 38 slots. This slot is activated once the ball lands there.

The bonus spin feature of this variant is much more lucrative than in other online casino games because it has a house edge of just 1.94%. This is significantly less than the American Roulette house edge of 5.26 %.

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