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Global Blue Tech is a woman-owned, certified Clumio reseller

We are proud of our long-term relationship with the Clumio team and are excited to offer their innovative and cutting-edge cloud services to our customers.

The Concern with Data Security

Proper data management and security is an ongoing concern for most businesses. How do you simultaneously run your business, serve customers, store data, and protect information? Maybe you’re devoting too many resources to data protection and sacrificing other key areas of your business? Or maybe you’re concerned your backup solutions aren’t going to be sufficient in the event of a disaster or security breach? Global Blue Tech and Clumio are addressing these real concerns head on.

Clumio’s Ground-Breaking Cloud Services

Global Blue Tech has partnered with Clumio to provide our customers with “always-on” security. Clumio’s cloud services modernize enterprise data protection at data centers and all remote sites by eliminating on-premise hardware and replacing it with a flexible, SaaS-style cloud-based backup solution. The authentic SaaS-based enterprise backup solution is simple and sophisticated. There’s nothing to configure, manage, or buy. Clumio not only takes the complexity out of backup, but all data is secure and completely managed by Clumio. This means nothing is installed on a local computer and all back-up information is stored in one central location.

Are Clumio’s Cloud Services for You?

Public safety, transportation, healthcare, state/local government, and private sector markets can enjoy the ease and reliability of Clumio’s cloud services. Day-to-day management is simple and companies no longer need a dedicated engineer to manage backup, on-premise hardware, or software troubleshooting. Clumio’s satisfied customers love knowing their data is safe and secure, allowing them to spend more time, energy, and money on the future of their business.

Clumio’s cloud services are not like the rest. Unlike their competitors, Clumio offers a predictable pricing model and consistently delivers new features through public cloud technology advancements. With a simple dashboard, customers can see what’s protected at all times.

Additionally, Global Blue Tech has teamed with Clumio to educate customers on the cloud services. From live online e-learning classes, onsite educational demonstrations, and free demos, to self-guided video and white papers, Clumio and Global Blue Tech have all the educational resources you need to understand and fully take advantage of our cloud services. In addition to ongoing support, we’re also happy to provide new or potential customers with client testimonials.

Securing Data Across the World

Global Blue Tech and Clumio now has the capability to support our European customers. With the massive SaaS explosion in Europe, it is important European businesses are set up for safety and success. Safeguarding data and securing information is critical in our technology-driven world. As one of the 1st Clumio partners in Europe, Global Blue Tech is poised and ready to deliver Clumio’s forward-thinking cloud services to the world.

Focusing on What Really Matters

Data protection should be the least of your worries. Wouldn’t it be nice to receive all the benefits of backup without the management burden? It’s time to focus on what really matters – your thriving business. Let Global Blue Tech and Clumio give you the freedom to allocate your staff and resources more effectively. Handing over your data security and management to Clumio and Global Blue Tech will not only give you peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and properly backed up, it will ultimately save your valuable time and money.

As enterprises move to cloud services, Global Blue Tech and Clumio are poised and ready to protect workloads like VMware on AWS and native AWS services. Enterprise needs are constantly changing. Clumio can leverage the most modern cloud services, ensuring it will meet current and future backup requirements, even for the most demanding enterprises. When you partner with Global Blue Tech and Clumio, you get a complete and secure backup and recovery service so you focus on what really matters – your business.